Pozuzo travel information

For your trip to Pozuzo not also for travel adventures, we will arrange your tour – individually and with Decades of experience. In our consultation we will discuss your exact preferences and provide an optimal program for you together. We are happy to embed this into your Peru vacation. Our team is looking forward to you. In Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich – or Lima.

Initial observations also give the following topics:

Whether you organize your own travel or rely on our service. Just getting to Pozuzo is worth the trip. Enjoy the ride through numerous climates. Overcome a passport of almost 5,000 meters. Go through the rainforest on adventurous slopes.

The rainy season starts in December and lasts until April at. The best travel time is from May to November. The Pozuzo region comprises a height field from 500 m to 3,000 m. The town center is about 800 m. With an average temperature of 22 ° C it is pleasantly warm, because of the height but not humid.

Pozuzo Individuell – Arrangements

We are committed for decades in Pozuzo. The people we meet at eye level. Through our very good relations we can arrange extraordinary tours on site. This following packages are only examples. We are happy to let us do something special for you and your family come.



The highlights of the town and the surrounding area.



Experience the originality in remote repatriates courts.



For every taste the best tours and activities.