National park Yanachaga-Chemillen

The road to Pozuzo leads through this National Park which, with its deeply-carved Huancabamba canyon reveals a wild breathtaking landscape. The National Park has an area of 122,000 hectares and consists primarily of the Yanachaga-Cordillera which separates the valleys Oxapampa-Pozuzo and Palcazu. Here part of the Peruvian mountain forest is protected. So we can view it in its natural beauty. An innumerable amount of orchids, bracken, cane and ferns are waiting for the interested visitor.

There is also a great variety of wildlife which can be rather secretive.. Therefore at least a half day hike through the park is recommended.. The opportunity to see a seal (lobo del rio) a Tunqui/Gallita de las Rocas (Cock of the rock) or a Quetzal are quite good. The park can be entered via Oxapampa or Palcazu. Both routes are impressive and ideal for hikers and nature lovers. A visit to the park inrena-logowithout a guide and permission of the “Ministerio de Agricultura” is not allowed

(Printed with kind permission)
Ministerio de Agricultura
Lima, Peru

Pozuzo is becoming more popular every day. A great increase in tourism can be expected in the near future. To reduce the strain on the region’s nature visitors use the road through the park. In particular the local tourists prefer visiting Pozuzo. The park is less frequented and not high on the list of interest.

But it will certainly not remain that way. Because of bad road conditions many visitors come in off-road vehicles. There is a great temptation to park the car off the road and explore the park on ones own.

We urgently request all travellers to Pozuzo to show respect for the countryside. Please take note that visitors are not allowed to tour the park without a registered guide. If you have any doubts please ask a reputable agent. This is not only for the sake of the park, but also for your own safety.

Upon inquiry at the recommended authorities, Tirol Tours is the only private agency that tours the park exclusively with official Park rangers.

Should you want to explore the park on your own please contact the official Park Office in Oxapampa. There exists an additional Ranger station at the beginning of the park in Pozuzo which however is not always manned.